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Company profile

© 2010 GSNED - two 20 tons tracked cranesGSNED is a tradename of BMNED. A European operating engineeringcompany. GSNED specializes in all kinds of soil, road and marine constructions; CPT’s on land and water, measurements, earthworks, rental and transportation.

BMNED was established in 1993. Started up by Gilliam de Nijs Sr., the company was initially a geohydrolic consultant company. Due to its broad experience, the company soon started to make a name for itself. With an increasing demand for advice on groundwater extraction and related matters, services began to cover a wider range and the number of employees increased rapidly.

To be able to perform reliable calculations soil investigation is essential.
This is the reason why this specialism was added to the our services in 2006. The fieldwork is being carried out under the trade name GSNED.
Because of this expansion we can offer CPT's, land surveying and ground works. Nowadays different machines drive throughout the country on a daily basis and one machine is operative on water.

In 2008 a new fieldwork department was set up for supporting the engineering company. This division, also operating under the trade name GSNED, performs the static load tests. The static load test is the most accurate and reliable method for being able to determine the load capacity of the pile tip, the shaft friction and the deformation behaviour of a pile. To expand the capacity and the services in the area of pile testing, a partnership with AnkerPaalTestService (Anchor Pile Test Services) was started. Both for BMNED / GSNED as wel as for AnkerPaalTestServices this meant an expansion of services. The joint venture was renamed to All Piles Testing Services. APTS is collaboration between Acécon, IFCO and BMNED / GSNED. Nowadays this joint venture carries out all kinds of tests on foundation piles and anchors using failure tests, eligibility and verification tests, both static as well as dynamic and statnamic.

© 2010 GSNED - Static pile test in Anderlecht, Belgium

By combining the expertise and experience of our specialists in a wide range of disciplines all technical, legal and economical aspects of your project can be scrutinised whereupon we can suggest a practical solution!

Family company
The daily management of the team is carried out by Mr. De Nijs Sr., assisted by his two sons Gilliam Jr. and Michael; Gilliam Jr. is mainly involved in the studies that need to be carried out and Michael is responsible for all fieldwork activities within GSNED and APTS.

To ensure we will be able to assist you with our knowledge and experience in the future, we are keen to teach and familiarize the next generation about the various aspects of our interesting profession has to offer.

© 2010 GSNED - Esmee de Nijs

GSNED, your best buddy when it comes to land and water!